Our Story

Hi! I’m Sushant Mohan, the founder and creator of UniqueLifter. We were established in 2019 and based in Bay Area, California. Before I created UniqueLifter, I started my fitness journey in 2014 and being a fulltime student at that time, I did not come across any affordable clothing brands. I decided I would create my own brand that would be affordable, yet provided customers with premium products that they are able to wear at the gym and into their day to day lifestyle. My UniqueLifter collection was created to empower men and women not only to look good, but to feel good.

Our Mission

At UniqueLifter, we believe in providing our customers with high quality products, but not at the cost of them breaking their banks. Each creation initially starts from an idea that blooms into a product that is personally tested by me during my workouts as well as my day to day activities. Our goal is to design clothing with premium quality, yet at an affordable cost for our customers. Customers are our number one priority; we create UNIQUE products that satisfy the needs of each LIFTER during their fitness journey. Each UniqueLifter product is hand picked by me, from start to finish. If I won’t wear it, I won’t sell it.

Our motto is we are all unique in our own ways and through our brand we want to encourage each person to lift not only yourself, but others around you.